California wildfires persist, death tolls are rising, and homes are vanishing.

Fires, fires, and more fires are the current problem for California.

Isn't it devastating to know that wildfires in California have turned into a tradition at the end of every summer for a repetitive amount of years?

According to The Los Angles Times “a record 3 million acres have burned across California this year,” And the fires continue to persist as wind speeds are blowing at rapid rates, making it very difficult to contain them.

Temperatures are rising, and “climate change is increasing the risk of extreme wildfire conditions during the fall season in California.”

ABC 10 aired this video today giving more info on how air quality is another underlying issue for these wildfires.

California is not the only state that is battling wildfires, Oregon and Washington are too as they mention in this video from MSNBC.

Too many people are suffering and the sooner we contain these wildfires the better. I am posting a list of the things you can do to help with the wildfires.

• Volunteer

• Raise funds for hydration backpacks for the firefighters

• Help the human society save animals

• Bring food for pantries

• Support the wildlife relief fund

And if you still do not know how to help, just google it!

It is so sad to see that the so-called golden state in fact is golden as the California skies and the sun have turned into an orangish/gold color because of these ongoing wildfires.

Let’s hope that the spread of the fires end as soon as possible and thankful for everyone involved in helping contain these fires. You guys are heroes!